Panorama Starlight Padel Course

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Padel Nederland also offers another beautiful Panorama ‘Starlight’ cage. This cage elegantly features waterproof LED lighting that can be controlled by remote control. The cage can also be provided with “back member” logos in the corner profiles. This way you can highlight the sponsors or put your own club in the spotlight!

Starlight puts your club in the spotlight!

Starlight is the addition to the “regular” Panorama track. The Starlight Panorama track features a waterproof and fully integrated ambient LED system, which can be used to emphasize the appearance of the club, event or sponsor. The corner posts of the Starlight Panorama track feature replaceable aluminum covers. These covers can be branded with a logo of your choice, such as your club logo or that of a sponsor. Behind this cover the LED lighting is placed, creating eye-catching advertising that will not escape anyone!

With the user-friendly remote control, you are able to control as many as 6 Starlight Panorama lanes at once. You can choose to give all lanes the same mood color, or each lane its own unique color!

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